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A Love So Beautiful Season 2: Is It Really Coming Or Is It Cancelled? Click To Read Everything We Know About It!!

‘A Love So Beautiful’ is a Chinese romantic drama, which is a television adaptation of the novel ‘To Our Pure Little Beauty’ by Zhao Qianqian. The show had originally aired in its nation of origin from November 2017 to December 2017. Later, it dropped on Netflix for the international audience. During its run, the arrangement became a significant hit in China, garnering positive audits for its character arcs and storyline. That being said, allow us currently to now out the details of ‘A Love So Beautiful’ season 2.

A Love So Beautiful Season 2: Release Date

‘A Love So Beautiful’ season 1 debuted on November 30, 2020, on Netflix. It comprises of 24 episodes. Although the arrangement arose as a hit in its first-season run, a renewal appears to be impossible. In the event that you have watched the show, you will realize that season 1 gives a befitting conclusion to the story. It additionally exhausts the substance of its literary inspiration. What’s more? Despite the fact that the drama finished up way back in 2017 in China, there has still been no word on another iteration. Considering the aforementioned factors, ‘A Love So Beautiful’ season 2 is in all likelihood canceled.

A Love So Beautiful Season 2: Is It Really Coming Or Is It Cancelled? Click To Read Everything We Know About It!!

From a positive point of view, in July 2020, it was announced that the arrangement will get a Korean remake. A broadcast date has not been affirmed at this point. In any case, we will update this segment as and when we get additional news on the same.

A Love So Beautiful Cast: Who is in it?

Leading the cast is Hu Yitian as Jiang Chen, a smart understudy who is in love with Chen Xiaoxi (played by Shen Yue). Different understudies from Chen and Jiang’s school are portrayed by Gao Zhiting as Wu Bosong, Wang Ziwei as Lin Jingxiao, Sun Ning as Lu Yang, and Lü Yan as Li Wei. We also have Zhang He Hao Zhen as Li Shu (the school’s physician) and Wang Jiahui as Qiao Lu.

A Love So Beautiful Plot: What is it About?

Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen are cherished companions and classmates at Chenxi Secondary School. Chen is attracted to Jiang, a gorgeous overachiever. Nonetheless, Jiang acts impassively since he is as yet adapting to the early death of his father. Jiang and Chen, together with their companions, prepare for Gaokao, a college entrance examination. In this journey, Jiang gradually starts falling for Chen.

When graduation approaches, Jiang gets busier, can invest minimal energy with Chen, and eventually, gets chosen for advanced training in Beijing for four years. Notwithstanding, he is skeptical of accepting the offer and leaving Chen behind. At the point when he finally chooses to proceed, Chen gets disturbed and considers breaking up with him. After three years, the two meet again when Chen’s father slips, breaks his spinal rope, and is admitted to the hospital. After numerous good and bad times, the old lovers accommodate.