Back To The Future/ Transformers Update!!! The Transformer that turned into DeLorean was actually a Decepticon!!! Get Details inside!!!

Back To The Future/ Transformers Update!!! The Transformer that turned into DocBrown’s DeLorean time machine was actually a Decepticon. This update has gained its root from the latest crossover events of Back to the Future/ Transformers. Well, you might get SPOILERS inside. Read out the blog post to know about it!!!

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The Transformer that turned into DoLoreon is actually a Decepticon:

If you are a regular follower of the transformer you might know that a parallel dark world has been created for Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown in the future in the latest issue of Back to the Future/ Transformers crossover event.

In the future, the evil forces of Decepticon have taken over the entire world. As a result, humans are forced to work as laborers and slaves have to bear the tortures and cruelties. This dark future created is actually a result of the creation of Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine which was stolen by the Decepticons who created the dark future world where humanity is serving them as slaves.

The mystery and the most interesting puzzle has not been unveiled in the latest issue. The DeLorean itself became a Deception as a result which has not been unveiled yet.

Preview of IDW's Transformers/Back to the Future crossover miniseries


How exactly the DeLorean transformed into Decepticon???

The war between Decepticons and Autobots have spread across the entire world of humans for many years. While this war is going on there was something mysterious and dangerous happened. You will be astonished to know that Doc Brown’s DeLorean has turned into a Decepticon itself. And this happened in the latest issue. DeLorean has become another Transformer in the massive war between Autobots and Decepticon.

The Transformers has always been a piece of heart for all the fans. With its latest intrigues and puzzles that it arouses among its fans is always entertained by its fandom.

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