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Sony’s Uncharted Movie Inspired by the Popular Video Game After having Trouble Finding a Director Finally undergoes Production

After having trouble finding a director, the movie is finally under production and we got 4 new stills

After becoming Spider-Man, Tom Holland will be seen next as a beloved character from Sony’s video game franchise Uncharted, in its first ever live action movie. The movie is set to release on July 16, and Sony celebrated the new year by posting 4 new stills from the movie. One was of an ornamented cross decorated with rubies, which was also a key, then there was a map, and a statue covered with cobwebs.

We got Tom Holland’s first look as young Nathan Drake back in October 2020, wearing the iconic attire that the thief/treasure hunter wore on his trips, as well as Tom Holland having a wholesome moment with Nolan North, the man behind Nathan Drake’s voice and motion capture, during 2020 Game Awards.

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Sony had a bit of trouble finding a good director to helm the project, and after juggling through a few, finalised on Ruben Fleischer, who directed another Sony movie, Venom. 

The other lead actor who will be starring in the movie is Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan, aka Sully. Sully is Nate’s partner in crime and acts as a mentor and father figure throughout the story. Fans weren’t too pleased at Holland’s casting as Nathan Drake is an experienced treasure hunter in his 30s and later 40s. But by casting Holland, Sony has made it clear that this movie will be about Nate and Sully’s first adventure together.

The rest of the cast include Antonio Banderas, Tati Gabrielle, and Sophia Ali. We haven’t received any further news on the movie, but since these new images have been shared, a teaser doesn’t seem far off.


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