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What kind of Antibody Treatment is President Trump and his wife going through after testing positive for COVID 19?

picture: business insider

The world suffers from a pandemic where the COVID era is seeming far from over. The world as a whole is facing grave danger in the fields of commerce, entertainment, etc and this process seems tough to be overcome. There are huge losses incurred by the members of the nation, where not only do common men suffer but even the others who are involved in other areas of work do.

Not once has the virus proven to be discriminatory as it has seen spreading from common men to the rich people, all of them, irrespective of their earnings or background. Great world leaders have suffered from the virus that has impacted them gravely that they aren’t able to yet come out of that phase. The first man in the USA, Donald Trump has been infected with COVID and is under check by the medical department of the USA. The moment he was diagnosed as COVID positive, he was shifted to a ward in Washington DC, near the presidential palace.

What treatment is the first person going through?

With a wide range of skepticism, some doctors call it a good resort, while the others call it silly as the treatment that he is undergoing is not clinically tried or approved and is only taken under the prescription of a few people. The hospital in which he is being treated in the military hospital of Washington DC. The method is used on him and his wife, Melania Trump who are undergoing that way of treatment and are under special watch by the doctors involved in treating the.

Many active doctors have come in criticism of the act as the treatment does not seem to be following the protocols of medicine.