What is Winter going to look like this year? Here is what the forecast had to say about it!

“Winter is Coming” Yes you heard it right and this time we are meaning the actual one around the world.

Last year, Delhi recorded a minimum temperature of 19.8 degrees C on October 4. “We are not expecting any change immediately in the maximum temperature. There are clear skies now after the monsoon has withdrawn, so day temperatures are high but the heat is radiated back so the nights are cooler.

In the month of October, we can feel a little cold breeze starting to flow around the capital. There is a nip in the air in Delhi and the northern plains with minimum temperatures falling — the first signs of the onset of winter. The minimum temperature in Delhi on October 2 was 20 degrees C, 2 degrees C below normal, and a fall of 2 to 3 degrees from September 27-28 when the minimum temperature was 23.2 degrees C and 22.2 degrees C.

The Farmers’ Almanac called this year’s winter “Winter of the Great Divide.” According to them, the North will be left cold and snowy while the western part would experience a draught. More snowfall than usual is expected in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Also in some parts of Washington, Oregon, the Dakotas, Colorado, and Utah.

It said that the rising hot temperature means that the winter wouldn’t be too unbearable. So, they predict a warmer winter for most of the US. They said that it shouldn’t bring much cold or wetness. Weather is expected to be useful even in Florida. The Western US and England will be shivering cold as always.

Southeast will see more cold weather this year. Also, not even the Northeast will be spared from this year’s harsh winter. Washington D.C, Boston, and Massachusetts might experience a massive storm.

Rain and snowfall would be unusually high in western par. The eastern region would see everything in moderate.