US Toilet Paper has Ended? What to Do Now? Is The New Solution Water??

By 3 months ago

Since coronavirus is the major concern globally, it is creating threats and also affecting the mindsets of the people. They are thinking that soon the basic essentials for survival will get out of stock.

People ran out of their houses to buy water, food, and other materials so that they could remain safe. They are trying to avoid exposing themselves with the virus. By hearing about the increasing number of cases of coronavirus, people have started doing impulsive buying.

One such thing they are hoarding is toilet papers and other cleaning supplies. They are afraid of it being out of stock. By hoarding such items, they have a sense of security. All this happens when the world faces a disease to which we have no control.

Is Water the New Solution?

With such increasing concerns, now people are thinking switching to water instead of toilet paper. Some individuals are having a thought of installing a new restroom appliance called Bidet.

Many Asians and South European countries have installed this fixture with the concern of toilet paper pollution and health issues.

What is a Bidet?

A bidet is a fixture that is installed in the bathroom for washing the human genitalia. It can be an addition to the toilet as a separate bathroom fixture or an attachment to the normal toilet.

This ensures the less need of toilet paper and people can avoid threats of increasing coronavirus.

In USA, bidet toilets are expected to grow 15% annually by 2021 as per BRG Building Solutions’ North American Shower Toilet & Bidet Seat Markets report published in October 2018.

At this time, people should act calmly and not create havoc. It is in the regard of those products which are in plenty.

We hope for everyone to remain safe and may the world recover from this coronavirus soon.