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This New Discovery Of Aztec Tower Of Human Skulls Is Unearthing Shocking Facts About The Aztec Community!

Science can never fail to astonish you! A recent discovery has been made and it just unearthed a while bee wave of new details as a efficient team of archaeologists has made a shocking discovery that includes sections of an extraordinary Aztec tower of human skulls under the center of Mexico City.

Archaeologists Discovered the Aztec Tower Of Human Skulls In the Center Of Mexico City Unveiling Shocking Facts! 

The number of human skulls discovered has been stated by Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History to be as many as 119 skulls! This skull rack has been found on the temple of the Aztec god of the sun, war, and human sacrifice as per the Aztec history.

One of the archaeologists,  Raul Barrera has further explained this recent founding of the human skull and has stated that it is still uncertain whether these individuals were warriors or captives destined for sacrificial ceremonies as these ceremonies were an integral part of the Aztec community and their ritual of sacrificing human life. Get a closer look into this video given below to get a visual peek into the whole discovery that is shocking people and hinting at some shocking new facts about the age old community.

What Is The Nature Of These Discoveries And So Many Human Skulls?

While the nature of these individuals is b yet confirmed, it is further stated that these were made sacred and turned into gifts for the gods or can even be personifications of deities themselves.

Moreover, while archaeologists were expecting to find the skulls of only male warriors, but surprisingly they discovered the crania of women and children, which is raised questions about human sacrifice in the Aztec Empire and the whole ritual that demanded sacrifice on such a huge scale.

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