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Suicide, Sexual Violence and Obesity among girls is on the rise despite doing better than boys at school.

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According to a report published on Wednesday, girls are quite less probable to get married or drop out of school than before. The concern is that high rates of corpulence, self harm and sexually passed on contagion underline how bumpy global advance has been for them for the past 25 years

UN children’s agency declared that in spite of some major profits in some aspects of girls’ lives since governments promised at the fourth world conference on women in 1995 to advance the rights of women and girls, violence against them is still very common and tolerated. They warn that if discrimination continues, it will not be possible to fulfill the 2030 gender equality targets.

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According to the reports internationally, the number of girls who drop out has reduced by 79 million in the last twenty years, and this day and age girls are more probable to be in secondary school than boys. But it also has to be taken note of that girls are still less likely than boys to receive proper and quality education while at school.

According to the data shown bad psychological health among girls is also on the rise with things like self harm and suicide the second leading factor of death among adolescent girls aged 15 to 19

Even though girls born in this day and age are expected to live nearly eight years longer, on average, than girls born in the past two decades, lodged gender inequality still hinders girl to use the opportunities available to them, according to the report

According to the report sexual violence against girls and sexually transmitted infections are also far-reaching and common. Even though the number of new HIV infections among girls has almost halved since the beginning of the millennium, they still account for nearly three in four new infections among adolescents.

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