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Protests Against the Murder of Sarah Everard took a Violet Turn with Police Manhandling the Female Protesters

A new law is set to be unabated by the UK parliament which is going to clamp down the right to protest, the decision was taken after the London police faced heavy criticism for mishandling the vigil, as it turned violent.

The controversy that has been going around about 33-year-old Sarah Everard, a marketing executive. On March 3, Sarah disappeared while walking home through a park in south London at night.

Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor and the government had called the metropolitan police to give an explanation for the protest which supposedly had to be a peaceful gathering of people who want to come forward to raise awareness against women, had turned to a violent and chaotic protest, where we could see male uniformed officers pinning down some women who joined the protest.

Victoria Atkins, the Home Office Minister in an interview on Sunday with a broadcasting company said that she is would like to highlight the difference between the peaceful protest or vigil which was supposed to take place yesterday, had intended to turn out to be an extremely disruptive protest

The country has seen in the recent years in which they saw people glueing themselves to the gates and the buildings were mischievously stopping the members from going to their workplace. Thus the bill, which is going to be proposed tomorrow will mainly focus on the latter classification.

What does Bill conclude?

The bill will allow the legislature to have control over the gathering which are taking place in the public eye. The protesters can be restricted to use noise and the bill also gives them the power to have major control over the gathering taking place near the parliament building. Bill also includes measures that are going to be taken against sexual offenders and would also give the rape offender to serve more than a jail sentence.


Sarah’s abduction and murder has rocked the entire Britain raising questions on the safety of woman yet again.


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