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Kate Middleton’s Appearance at Vigil Protest a Sham or Humanity? Social Media is Divided on it

Criticism over the metropolitan police is getting intense after the mishandling of the vigil which was held in the memory of  Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old lady who was murdered and whose death opened the issue of women’s safety up for a national debate.


Despite the cancellation rumour of the event which was supposed to be held in  Clapham Common park hundreds of people showed up for the event. The group who was originally sponsoring and organizing the vigil gave the statement of shutting down the protest after they were warned by the police about the safety breach that could happen to see the ongoing pandemic.

Credit: Sunday Express


But this couldn’t shake the will of the people and hundreds of people still came to pay their respect by laying cards and flowers at the park’s bandstand.

Kate Middleton came as a surprising guest

Among the crowd, Kate Middleton made an unexpected appearance and then also paid her tribute by laying down some flowers. Some sources from the place told the media that the Duchess of Cambridge also wanted to remember how it was when she used to walk in the night before she got married. The duchess was also filmed while visiting the bandstand where everyone was paying their tributes.

The protest was held for Sarah Everard who worked as a marketing executive and masterly disappeared at about 9.30 pm on March 3, while she was walking home from a friend’s house through the south London park. Later on, the body was found among the woods that was about 50 miles away in southeast England.

Wayne Couzens, 48, a London police officer was made to appear in the court on Saturday and was being charged and suspected of the kidnapping and the murder of Everard. Many women shared their fear of walking alone and getting attacked by men which instigated after her killing.



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