How the Restaurant Industry is Declining Because of COVID-19

By 2 months ago

With the pandemic going on many things have become stagnant. The world seems to be on a standstill which has harmed many businesses across the world. The most hard hit is the restaurant industry. People related to this industry are urging the general public to raise this issue. They are asking people to urge the representatives to do something about it.

Tom Colicchio’s statement

Tom Colicchio, chef and social activist, appealed to his followers to call the capitol from their phones and insist that they are of the federal stimulus package.

According to Eater there are a lot of restaurants, small and big, which will not be able to withhold bad sales for even just a week. And with corona restricting them from functioning well, they would have to go through a full season by barely surviving.

Josef Centeno’s statement

Chef Josef Centeno came up on Instagram to talk about the unwillingness of the government to back up the restaurant industry and the millions of people who earn their living through it. He criticised the government for their lack of action against this issue and their poor leadership. They are yet to suggest a concrete solution or even a suggestion and are just waiting for things to spiral out of control.

He further said that the government has left it to the affected to work out solutions for the failing economy which will be a long process. Chef Andrew Carmellini also shared his views on Instagram. He said that there is a big difference between the relief given to the cruise industry and the restaurant industry. There are 250,000 people in the cruise industry and 15 million people in the restaurant industry.

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