Yaravirus: A never before seen virus found in an artificial lake in Brazil

By 3 months ago

Viruses are some of the world’s smallest life forms.

Scientists have discovered a never seen mysterious virus in Brazil’s lake- Lake Pampulha in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte and have decided to name the virus after Yara meaning” mother of all waters’ representing the beautiful mermaid-like figure from Brazilian mythology who lured sailors underwater to death.

Daily Mail

Yaravirus, from the mythological mermaid Yara, has left the scientists all puzzled up and confused because it doesn’t appear to be related to any of the other viruses in the world.

Researchers said that the virus is extremely unique as 90% of the Yaravirus genes have never been seen before. The discovery of the virus came just after the outbreak in China with a new killer virus Corona Virus.

Yaravirus was collected from a single-celled organism called an Amoeba. Yaravirus first piqued the interest of the researchers as it was considerably smaller than other viruses usually known to infect amoebae.

After having a closer look at the virus’s DNA, the researchers found that there are 74 genes in total. JOnatas Abrahao, a virologist at the federal UNiversity of Minas Gerais in Brazil said that the results are indicative of just” how much we still need to understand” about viruses. He told that some of the Yaravirun’s genes look like those in a giant virus, but it is unclear how the two are inter-related.

A search of over 8500 genetic material from across the globe in a scientific database offered not even a single clue regarding what Yaravirus might be closely related to. The scientists speculate that Yaravirus is the first isolated case of an unknown group of an amoebal virus.

As of now, Yaravirus doesn’t seem to pose any threat to humans. It cannot transfer between humans.

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