Here’s how you can opt for home workout and keep yourself healthy during coronavirus outbreak 2020. Check out to know all the best tips and exercises.

Staying at home and being fit is one of the toughest work to achieve right now.

If you are under 70 with no underlying conditions you can still be active outside as long as you stay at least two metres (three paces) away from other people. So walking the dog (or even your neighbour’s dog), going for a run or going for a bike ride is all fine – provided you keep your distance.

Public spaces such as swimming pools and gyms are not banned – but if you use them, be sure their equipment and surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned. And of course, you can do your bit cleaning any equipment you use. These are some home workout you can do while staying at home due to Coronavirus.

  • Chair tricep dips – Sit on the edge of a chair holding onto the front with your hands. Place your feet out in front of you (bent legs for easier option or straight legs to make it harder) and lower your elbows to a 90-degree angle before pushing back up.

  • Tabletop press-ups – Incline press-ups can be done anywhere around the home – on a table, a bed, a chair or even a wall. To use a table, place your hands on the table with your legs stretched out behind you, body nice and straight. Lower your weight down keeping your elbows tight to your body, and press back up.

  • Living room wall sits – find a wall with a big enough space for you to lean on. Sit against the wall like you would in a chair with your legs at 90 degrees, and hold. Give it time and you’ll soon feel the burn!

  • Milk bottle Russian twists – Sit on the floor holding a milk bottle (or any bottle with liquid in). Lean back with a straight back and engage your core. Rotate your torso and try to touch the floor each side with the milk bottle. Make it harder by lifting your feet off the floor.