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Here are the foods you can eat and habits you can develop to keep your immune system boosted amid the coronavirus outbreak. Read to know all the major essential tips.

The outbreak of corona virus has frightened everyone in the world. It has now became a serious issue and precautions need to be taken so that our immune system gets strong and does not get affected by the virus. The infection is spreading like a forest fire and people are searching for ways to make their immune system strong.

While the doctors are saying that there’s no particular medicine to treat the pandemic but there are some ways you can strengthen your immune system. So here’s some steps that’ll help you stay healthy and prevent the virus’ attack on your body.

Have a good sleep

An immune system deprived of sleep will find it difficult to fight with the virus, so take good sleep.

Take a healthy diet

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables have antioxidant in them. This further helps to make out immune system ready to face any bacteria or viruses.

Do not drink alcohol

Avoid drinking alcohol for these many days because reseachs show that consumption of alcohol make the immune system weak and it takes longer time for them to recover from the infection


Include food that are sources of vitamin C and D in your diet. Both of these vitamins produce antimicrobial proteins. These proteins help to kill bacterias and viruses. You can also eat elderberry. They are a strong, good and natural product to improve your immunity.

Thus, include all these in your diet and be safe. In addition to these, you also need to wash your hands properly and use sanitizers to maintain proper hygiene. And last but not the least stay away from crowds and prevent going to public places or gatherings.