Hantavirus: Another Pandemic or it’s Just a Panic created by People. Read to Know if You are Needed to Worry About this Disease or Not.

By 2 months ago

It all dates back to the year 1993 in the month of May when an unusual pulmonary virus had outbroken in the southwest provinces of the USA comprising Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah known as the ‘Four corners’ that led to a search operation into figuring out the virus outbreak.

Some researchers believe that in the year 1951 a virus belonging to the category Bunyaviridae was divided into two categories they were named as, Old and New world Hantaviruses and are found in patches all over the globe.

In the recent, unprecedented death from China due to Hantavirus a cause of fear to the world. The recent death in the Yunan province of China where the man was travelling in a bus is indeed due to Hantavirus, however, many researchers believe it’s a mutated form of the previous virus and spreads from the urea, sweat or stools of rodents.

It is believed to be spread to those who come in contact with them or are at less than a meter distance from then, however, is not a matter to be scared of unless one plans to eat the rodents as many researchers say.

Credit: Odisha Bytes

Is the Virus deadly?

The virus has a 30 per cent mortality rate in humans, however, it is not as scary as the Novel Covid-19 as is not as fast transmitted from humans to humans. It only spreads with contamination in water, food etc by the rodents or when those rodents infected by this disease release their body fluids as they travel in the air and if inhaled by humans can get spread to them especially of the deer mouse.

How can one diagnose the disease?

There isn’t any vaccine created for this disease yet however, there are early and late symptoms that one always shows in order to make it detectable in them these include-

Early symptoms

  1. Fatigue
  2. Ache Thighs, hips.
  3. Headache
  4. Vomitting

Later symptoms

  1. Breathlessness.
  2. Coughing