During Times of Self-help, Learn How to Make a CDC Approved Face Mask and Enhance your Health at the Times of Global Pandemic

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Due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, the world is suffering as a whole like never before. 2020 has been a year to teach people how to take care of their hygiene and health.

Regular washing of hands for at least 20 seconds, not touching our eyes, nose or mouth without washing our hands, wearing a face mask regularly while stepping out of home have been among the important guidelines issued by India and the WHO for the world.

Importance of face masks

An N95 face mask not only saves one from pollution but also prevents the contact of the human body parts with the salivary droplets of others. a surgical mask is mainly to be used by doctors due to their intensive interaction with infected people and hence need not be confused with the N 95 masks as being more effective.

Picture: CDC

Why is it important to make masks in status-quo

Due to the panic-purchasing of people after the news of the pandemic, people have not only hoarded hand sanitizers but also face masks in order to face no shortage of it in the future. as a result, the shops have experienced a shortage of them country-wide. In such situations, it is important to make certain arrangements considering that the government has made it compulsory to wear them.

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Things of importance that are needed

A large cotton material (preferably a T-shirt), rubber bands. these are the two things that you need readily in order to make one mask. the rest is the technique of using these materials.

How to make CDC approved face masks?

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One can always use home-made masks that are CDC approved by the following methods.

  1. Cut the T-shirt across 7 to 8 inches from the bottom make the bottom face left or right.
  2. Fold the bottom towards the center, then from the top to the middle. Do this twice.
  3. At the ends, tie a rubber band on both the sides so that the sides appear as candy covers.
  4. The last step is to attach a string on both sides so that the mask gets attached to the ears and tightens when one wears it.