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COVID-19: The Virus Spares None as it has Taken over the Britain Royal and Political Members with Prince Charles, Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock Testing Positive for Coronavirus

Source: Business Insider

SARS COV-2 is a mutated form of the first virus, SARS that affects the respiratory system of living beings.

A Lot has been said about the origin of COVID-19, first having been estimated that virus originates from a bat, the consumed affected bat, the fruit bat transferred it’s virus to the individual who then transmitted it to more affecting people in lakhs.

However, till date nothing has been confirmed about the genesis of coronavirus. And with it’s human to human nature of transmission it makes it more deadly that once thought as it has brought the entire world on its knees with its rapid transmission.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Britain is tested positive!

With showing mild symptoms such as persistent coughing to high temperature, Boris Johnson thought he was a victim of the virus and sought helped from the chief medical officer, Professor Witty who asked him to get checked which he did and that’s how he was spotted positive of the disease.

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With the country head tested positive, is it a cause of deterrence for the country?

Johnson made a video and posted the same on his Twitter handle where he said that “we can fight this disease, we can fight this together.” This sent out a narrative that, if he can work from home then so can the general public.

Is he the only bureaucrat from Britain to have tested positive?

Source: Business Insider

No, along with the Prime Minister, the health minister of UK, Matt Hancock has also been tested positive and both of them had met the eldest son of the Queen of Britain, Prince Charles some days before, who recently was tested positive of coronavirus.

Source: Fox News

Why is the disease seen more in the western countries?

Countries in the west have been seen more ignorant about Covid-19 as they haven’t taken it’s effect seriously. Including countries like USA, Italy, Germany, these countries regularly have a bulk of tourists attracted towards their countries also with the outbreak of this disease the travel ban at such places wasn’t stopped hence seen an outbreak of the disease.

What can now be done?

The country needs to now take this very seriously after recording many positive cases and extreme cases of deaths. Social distancing and travel ban need strict. Though the countries have taken all the measures now but their delay to contain the virus in the beginning has resulted in a nationwide spread, affected hundreds of the citizens including royal and political members.

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