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Can we expect a Ban on “Vaping” in New Jersey and United states or will it be “Weed”? Looks like this “Intoxication” substance has already started doing it harm!!

“Intoxication” of some kind or the other has always given pleasure to every generation. There are many alternatives forms of this pleasure that exist and vaping is famous these days.

But what is Vaping?

Vaping” is something concerned with the inhalation of vapors and exhaling them out using E-cigarette or electronic cigarettes and the person is known to be as “vaper.” Basically, electronic cigarettes or E-cigarette is a kind of vaporizer that perk up smoking and provides the same panorama as smoking.

The key difference between the ceremonious and electronic cigarette or E-cigarette is that E-cigarette does not contain “tobacco,” which always depicted as the main perpetrator but in reality, is not the only culprit. There are so many other noxious chemicals that are also present in E-cigarettes which are extremely harmful and hurt human health. 

Electronic cigarette or E-cigarette contains a kind of liquid in them, and that particular liquid is known as E-liquid. It is a mixture that usually packs nicotinepropylene glycol, glycerol. Some other chemicals also found in the E-liquid.

The health risks and benefits of E-cigarette are precarious. There are experimental shreds of evidence which says that it may help people quit smoking. Although, there is not at all a proof of this and have not been proven to be more effective than smoking cessation medicines.

On the other hand, there is a concept of legalization of growing weed means their increased consumption in terms of medical practices. The validity of cannabis for medical and amateur use varies by country in terms of its distribution and cultivation(concerning medicine)how it can be used and for which medical conditions it can be used. The countries to fully legalize the consumption and sale are: Uruguay and Canada. Although, there are many other countries too that have legalized the medical use of cannabis; however, despite the fact of its medical uses, it has many adverse effects on health. It can be short term or long term effects. 

Disadvantage of the use of Cannabis:

The flower tops, leaves, and the resin of cannabis plants are used in different combinations to get marijuana, hashish, charas, and ganja. Generally, taken by oral ingestion and inhalation, and it harms the cardiovascular system of the human body.

When weed is taken in addition to medical use or in such quantities as to reduce one’s physical, psychological, physiological functions, it constitutes “drug abuse.”

But the real question is why the discussion? It’s because of the news of three confirmed cases of vaping-related lung disease in New Jersey are on fire nowadays, and almost 450 cases are being investigated in the United States as well, which brings us to this pint of discussion.

Could New Jersey become the first state to ban Vaping or Electronic Cigarette? 

  As the news spread like fire because of the death of a woman and it was said that the death was related to vaping. That’s why NJ may become the first one to ban vaping. On the other hand, NJ wants to legalize marijuana. The reason for the same is to regulate the tax as the government will be benefited from the huge amount of tax to be paid. A state lawmaker is considering to propose a bill that will ban all vaping and E-cigarette products!