Greek Migrant Boat Wreck Tragedy: Worst Loss of Life and Demands for Urgent Actions.

Greek migrant boat wreck tragedy

A packed migrant boat traveling from Tobruk in Libya to Italy capsized off the coast of Greece, leaving dozens dead and hundreds missing. The tragedy has brought the EU refugee crisis into the spotlight, emphasizing that there are tens of thousands of migrants risking their lives annually and highlighting the responsibility of the international community to offer them protection.

The EU Commissioner for Home Affairs reacts

The EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, called the sinking “the worst tragedy ever” in the Mediterranean, reiterating that smugglers are sending “people to death” and emphasizing the necessity of blocking their actions. Johansson says intelligence, common police investigation, and joint efforts with countries of origin and transit are required to fight smugglers and save lives.

Urgent and decisive actions demanded by global bodies

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) demand urgent and decisive actions to prevent further deaths in the Mediterranean. They stressed the necessity of rescuing people in distress at sea without delay.

Greek authorities’ denial of wrongdoings

Greek authorities have faced criticism that the accident was not handled correctly. Officials denied claims that the boat had capsized after being towed. They said that the coast guard had arrived two hours before the boat capsized after its engine broke down and that there had been no connection between the coast guard approaching the boat and the time of its sinking.

Refugee relatives’ arrival to Greek town of Kalamata seeking news

Relatives of refugees on board the ship started arriving in the southern Greek town of Kalamata to find their loved ones. Survivors of the accident spoke of as many as 700 people on board, whereas the Hellenic Coastguard rescued only 104 refugees and collected 78 bodies.

A Syrian’s story of looking for his wife

Kassem Abuzeed, a Syrian living in Hamburg, was looking for his wife, who he was unable to bring legally to Germany. So he paid smugglers $5,000 to transport her from the refugee camp in Jordan where she lived, across North Africa and the Mediterranean. He wanted to speak to the survivors to get information, but they weren’t allowed to speak to media or relatives.

The US ambassador joins Warsaw Pride Parade

The US ambassador in Poland held a US flag and marched in a Pride parade, emphasizing Washington’s opposition to discrimination, especially in countries where the LGBTQ+ communities are vulnerable. Western governments have been worried about conservative governments like Poland that depict LGBTQ+ communities as threats to the nation.

Poland’s conservative government and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric

In recent times, Poland’s conservative government depicted gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people as threats to the nation and has been openly criticizing the community ahead of past elections, attempting to mobilize its conservative base. The participation of the US ambassador in Poland’s pride parade emphasizes the significance of US protection to the LGBTQI+ community, as a few years ago, the community was fighting for the right to same-sex marriage.

Polish President and education minister’s anti-LGBTQ+ statements

During his 2020 re-election campaign, Polish President Andrzej Duda called the promotion of LGBTQ+ rights an “ideology” more destructive than communism. The education minister, who oversees schools, was appointed to this job after saying that LGBTQ+ members are not equal to “normal people.” Last summer, the ruling party leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, mocked transgender people, saying, “we must protect ourselves from madness.”

First relatives of the refugees on board arrived seeking news of their loved ones

In Kalamata, the southern Greek town, the first relatives of those on board the migrant boat started arriving. They were hoping for some news of their loved ones, as more than 500 passengers are missing, making this one of the most significant losses of life recorded at sea.

Survivors’ accounts of the tragic incident

The refugees who survived the accident and were rescued by the Hellenic Coastguard were being questioned, but were not allowed to speak to media or relatives. Some survivors claimed that the boat was overcrowded, and they didn’t have life jackets.

A Syrian’s story of paying smugglers to bring his wife to Germany

Kassem Abuzeed, a Syrian living in Hamburg, was inquiring about his wife Ezra Aboud, who he paid smugglers to transport across North Africa and the Mediterranean to Italy. If there is a body, Greek authorities will inform me, he said.


The tragedy of the migrant boat capsizing off the coast of Greece has brought the EU refugee crisis into the spotlight, highlighting the need for immediate action to prevent more tragedies like this in the future. It demands the support of the international community to offer protection to the people who are desperate to flee their homelands due to war, persecution, poverty, and climate change.


What is the EU refugee crisis?

The EU refugee crisis refers to the current situation where tens of thousands of migrants escape from poverty, persecution, war, and climate change and try to find their way to Europe. This crisis has highlighted the importance of offering protection to people who have been forced to leave their homes.

What is the role of smugglers in the migrants’ journey?

Smugglers play a significant role in the migrants’ journey by transporting them across North Africa and the Mediterranean. But, these smugglers take advantage of the migrants’ desperate situation and charge them a high price for their services.

What role should the international community play in addressing the refugee crisis?

The international community should support and offer protection to refugees and migrants who are seeking safety and protection. The international community should also take action to prevent further tragedies like the migrant boat capsizing off the coast of Greece.

How has the anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric impacted Poland?

Poland’s conservative government has undermined the LGBTQ+ community, depicting them as a threat to the nation and its children. This has led to a climate of hostility from the government and the Catholic Church and has put the community in a vulnerable position ahead of past elections.

What are the immediate actions that should be taken to prevent such tragedies from occurring again?

The international community should work together to stop smugglers from risking the lives of migrants. They should offer more legal opportunities to asylum seekers in countries of origin and transit. They should also train and equip people to respond rapidly in saving lives at sea and cooperate with other organizations to save lives.