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Google outrage as google services like play store, YouTube , Gmail go down and offline worldwide

2020 was not at all memorable when it comes to good things. The pandemic hit year was unique in its own way. As with the end of the year approaching it has now also done the most unthinkable thing of Google down!!!

The shock began in a matter of seconds before early afternoon UK time, enduring the greater part an hour prior to services were reestablished.

Users around the globe announced issues with Gmail, Google Drive, the Android Play Store, Maps and that’s just the beginning.

Google’s search engine, in any case, stayed unaffected by the issues influencing its different services.

The concise blackout significantly affected the organization’s large number of clients, a considerable lot of whom depend on Google services for essential work applications, for example, email and schedules.

The pandemic has demonstrated us exactly how important services like the Google Cloud Platform can be to keep a labour force working together profitably from home.

In any case, the organizations that have picked Google’s Cloud will have been scared by the present episode – anyway short. They will need to know precisely what turned out badly and to get confirmations that it won’t occur once more.


After opening the YouTube landing page, it essentially shows a ‘something turned out badly’ message. YouTube tweeted that the administration is in fact confronting issues and that it’s been taken a gander at. The Google Workspace Status Dashboard additionally shows that the greater part of Google’s applications and services are confronting the issue, including Calendar, Sheets, Meet, and Voice. The services have all the earmarks of being reestablishing gradually, as YouTube has begun working for certain clients at the hour of composing, however not for all.


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