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Donald Trump is still hopeful to continue his tenure as US president

Trump has been making unconfirmed cases about boundless citizen misrepresentation and discretionary misbehaviour in the presidential polls. State political decision authorities and the media have denied such any such extortion. Political race authorities have proclaimed Biden as the President-elect as he got more than the necessary 270 of the 538 electoral college votes.

The races are formally planned to be confirmed one week from now. In any case, Trump is proceeding with his lawful endeavours to overturn Biden’s’ triumph. He has permitted the official beginning of Biden’s’ progress to control however has not yet surrendered rout. The Trump lobby has recorded various claims in a few states, the majority of whom have been excused up until now.

“Hopefully the next administration will again be Trump administration” Trump showed his best government deeds to the country that led it to the highest stock market and also the best employment numbers they ever had. Trump told all the reporters that were present at the White House on Tuesday at a time of vaccine summit.

The president said he has gotten very nearly 75 million votes, the most elevated number of votes throughout the entire existence of the nation for a sitting president, which is 12 million more than the 63 million he got four years prior.

“President Obama received three million less in his second term, and he won easily. I received 12 million more, which, by the way, is a record.” Trump sounded confident in some way with his 12 million record. He was certain that it would eventually be Twelve million more If somebody has the courage to count for it.

Trump also announced that he knows who the next administration will be. “I’ ‘ll tell you what: Life will be much easier for this country because of what we”ve done right now and because of a lot of the people in this room,” Trump said.

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