Central America Has Been Hit By Devastating Hurricanes With A Disastrous Aftermath.


It seems like mother nature displayed her violent side and a recent disaster has wreaked havoc on Central America with thousands of people affected and the people are looking at yet another big crisis.

Central America Is Hit By Two Disastrous Hurricanes!

Amidst the pandemic terror that has already wreaked havoc and financial crisis all around Central America, it has been bee hit by yet another catastrophe in the form of not one but two big hurricanes that have uprooted thousands of home, devastated infrastructure, and damaged vast lands of crops.

It seems like the government has a big challenge ahead of them with Central America facing a huge crisis ahead with a major crisis along with ongoing tension that the pandemic terror has given rise to. The aftermath of these hurricanes is o severe that it has affected as many as five million

The Damage Is Quite Severe With Millions Of Lives Affected!

While officials are undertaking all the necessary measures, the severity of the disaster is pretty heavy and it is as disastrous as Hurricane Mitch. When asked about the whole situation, Adm. Craig S. Faller, who is the head of the U.S. Southern Command said that the devastation is beyond compare.

Moreover, while the aftermath is devastating and it will surely take some time for the people to recover from this new crisis that has come up after the hurricanes . Situation is so severe that it is reported that only thing remaining of this village in Guatemala is their memories.  One of the residents have described the place where they used to lived as a cemetery now. The whole situation is extremely difficult for all the people.