A lot of suffering is going on in this world- from protest by an African man to cartoonist Quino’s death shaking Argentina to its core and many more!

picture: dev discourse

This world can get a happy place for an individual to stay in and at the same time, upsetting for the other bunch of people, depending on one’s likes and dislikes. Certain aspects of life can get disturbing for all. Irrespective of how they think and what their likes or dislikes are.

There are reasons why one must feel good to be in the world with the features that it has and some people must feel the negativity in it and realize the shortcomings in it and understand the same to work on them as they can be fixed by an individual’s inputs. The past of the world as a whole has been in the dark edge with aspects of colonialism, slavery prevailing, while the other aspects that cause happiness to the people are the economic and cultural growths that took place in the world after the time of darkness got over.

What all are we talking about in the article?

There are happenings around the world, with one thing coming to an end, the other thing starts. When the violent protests in the west came to a standstill, there were other protests and ragings in the other parts of the world.

The common one was the African man protesting against the colonial regimes that they were a victim to and the whole community as a whole was discriminated against for the same. This is a colonial past that can not be changed but only is learned from. The other aspect which is naturally caused is seen in Argentina, when the country as a whole came together to mourn the death of their favorite cartoonist, Quino who was in the hearts of the people and will remain to be there.