HYBE launches SUGA And Jungkook’s ‘7FATES: CHAKHO’ OST “STAY ALIVE”

HYBE Labels released “STAY ALIVE”

HYBE surprised ARMY with the release of the most anticipated Official Teaser for “STAY ALIVE”. The OST of ‘7FATES: CHAKHO‘ is produced by SUGA and sung by Jungkook have already touched souls with its release. The soulful track left fans in abyss and now it is the most trending one on social media. The enthralling video with hint of refreshing yet sad tunes and notes have won hearts of millions.

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SUGA And Jungkook’s Soulful vocals with captivating illustrations

With the release of official trailer of ‘7FATES: CHAKHO’, the first ever OST by duo was also announced. The snippet of the song titled “Stay Alive” for the webtoon released on January 30 had already made the fans curious and raised the expectations to quite high. Their long waiting have come to an end with a 17-second teaser video.

The video picturized with BTS Jungkook and SUGA in ‘7FATES: CHAKHO’. The pleasing vocals are receiving lots of love and appreciations around the World.

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At first, on Naver Webtoon platform, the final main video of ‘Stay Alive’ will launch on February 5, 2022, at 11 a.m. KST. Later, it will release across all digital platforms on February 11, 2022, at 2 p.m. KST.

Webtoon ‘7FATES: CHAKHO’

The webtoon ‘7FATES: CHAKHO’ is a futuristic urban fantasy set on Joseon Dynasty and a corrupt city Sin-si where monsters called beom hunt humans. Moreover, it revolves around chakhogapsa, Joseon Dynasty’s tiger-hunting officers.

Watching the heart-wrenching mass destruction, seven boys intertwined by fate will fight against the destiny. They will go through lots of hardships but still attempts to save land by hook or crook. In the end, they taste victory. The journey of seven valiant boys is worth watching.

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Characters of Webtoon ‘7FATES: CHAKHO’

The BTS leader RM plays the role of Do Geon who is a a crime expert. However, his life wasn’t really happy and simple. J-Hope portrayed Hosu, who was kidnapped  by a tiger per storyline. Jimin plays Haru, a rock that guarded the gate to the world of the tigers. Yet eventually, he becomes human.

Besides, Jin is Hwan who plays the character of an ordinary archer. He lost his family in a tiger attack. Jungkook plays the character of half-human and half-tiger called Zeha. Cein portrayed by Suga. He faced a painful incident in the past in which a tiger almost ate him.