Will Ellen De Genres’ Insensitivity Towards her Team During Pandemic will Cost her the Show?

By Morning Picker

Ellen De Genres, the famous show’s crew members, are facing a lot of issues since the COVID-19 outbreak. Ellen and the top authorities informed the crew members who are not doing any shooting right now, and are at their homes due to the pandemic, 60% of their salary will be reduced. The crew members felt this ain’t fair, and also not only financially, but they were also hurt, they got hurt Click for More emotionally as well when they did not know that new crew members are being allotted for the production show. All the social media is against the host, Elle, as what she is doing isn’t right and is unethical. But whatever reason might be, the treatment the crew members are receiving should not be appreciated—the way they are being treated and suffering by such an amazing host shock everyone. Click for More