Why has this 33-metre ‘Diva’ Sculpture Fueled CULTURE WARS in Brazil???

By Morning Picker

Called “Diva”, the clear 33-meter cement and tar design by craftsman Juliana Notari is situated on the site of a previous sugar plant that has been transformed into an outside exhibition hall in Pernambuco state. Divulging the establishment a week ago, Notari said it portrayed both a vagina and an injury scrutinizing the connection among nature and culture in a “phallocentric and human- Click for More centric culture”. The craftsmanship set off a hot discussion via online media, with in excess of 25,000 individuals remarking on Notari’s Facebook post – the two allies and pundits of the work. Envision me strolling with my young little girls in this park and them asking … Daddy, what is this? His remarks moved almost 700 retweets, many weighed down with blunt analysis against liberals. Click for More