Whom Did Cher Call “The Love Of Her Life”? Click Here To Know!!

By Morning Picker

There were years when Cher was nearly as popular for her numerous sentimental contacts as she was for her music. Spilling The Secrets Of Her Love LifeInquired by the U.K. paper The Guardian, “Who has been the love of her life?” Cher promptly replied, “All things considered, I think Robert [Camillett Click for More i] and Gregory Allman. Gregory was a unique man.” Camilletti, who Cher dated from 1986 to 1989, is an entertainer and pilot. '” Yet, Cher added, “Robert was totally unique. He resembled a stone.” When requested to uncover who her main lover was, however, Cher stated, “I’m not revealing to you that!” Click for More