‘Umbrella Academy’ star Elliot Page, known previously as Ellen Page, comes out as Transgender

By Morning Picker

Page is a top Hollywood star and his journey will be a major event for the trans communityElliot Page, the Oscar-nominated star of Juno has come out as Transgender, and has changed his name from Ellen Page. His decision to come out as trans quickly won him the support from both the industry and beyond. Netflix, the streaming service for his show The Umbrella Academy also tweeted out in support of him sa Click for More ying, “So proud of our superhero! We love you Elliot!”Page became a sought-after star in Hollywood after her role in 2007’s Juno, which was about a pregnant teenager, got nominated for an Oscar. Page joins the small but prominent group of Hollywood transgender stars, such as The Matrix series writer-directors Lana and Lilly Wachowski, Transparent creator Joey Soloway, and actor and activist Laverne Cox. Click for More