These are the recent updates you need to know about the reopening of colleges in Canada – We have got you covered!

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Get to know the recent updates on reopening colleges in Canada with regard to the COVID-19 pandemicCurrent reports from Canada state that more universities have confirmed their plans to hold classes for the winter. This fall, more than 70 classes (out of 1,900 total classes offered at KPU) offered some form of in-person learning experience. Trent University will “increase Click for More the number of in-person courses for the coming winter 2021 term, offering a mix of in-person, online and remote options in our multi-access approach. Algoma University is planning for the return of “some” in-person classes in January. Carleton University noted that “the winter semester [will] proceed online, with some leeway for selected optional instruction on campus (e.g. Click for More