There is no stopping Lana as she announces her sixth studio album ‘Norman F**king Rockwell’!

By Morning Picker

Recently on August 30, 2019, she also released her sixth studio album ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell.’ The album is being loved and appreciated by all of her fans globally. Lana announces the release of her new album:After the success of ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’ LDR announces the release of her new album ‘White Hot Forever.’ In an interview, the ‘Video Games’ singer said she has al Click for More ready written parts of the album. The success of ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’:The most anticipated album of LDR released earlier this week. The album released just after the release of the music video ‘Doin’ Time.’ LDR is quite unpredictable regarding the release of her albums. It is good to see a healthy competition with Taylor Swift who also released her album on the same week. Click for More