“The Bachelor” featured Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell has allegedly broken up, amidst the racism controversies

By Morning Picker

But recently, Matt James has revealed that he has broken up with Rachael over racism controversies. However, before announcing that they are no more together, Matt praised Rachael for her authenticity. But, the fairytale soon ended when Rachael’s past actions came forward. And they have consequences when presented without context https://t.c Click for More o/658oxEKuxo — Matt James (@mattjames919) March 9, 2021Following the Rachael’s attitude towards Racism, Matt decided to call it a quitWhen Rachael’s past actions came into lime Matt decided to call of their romantic relationship. Moreover, Rachael has said that she is feeling shameful for her past actions and thus asked public not defend her. Click for More