The Anime “The Promised Neverland S-2” is back to give more chill then ever!!

By Morning Picker

A sequel has been declared for one of the most hit anime of 2019 Winter Anime Season that is none other than The Promised Neverland. After the huge success of the first edition of The Promised Neverland the previous January, Studio Clover Works is all set to work up for the technologies required to bring out the sequel. According to Ko Click for More taku, the release of the second season of the anime has already been announced. The second season would upheal topics like loathsomeness and braveity. Also, The Promised Neverland is much identical with the Anime Aka Akasaka’s Manga Kaguya Sama (Love is Conflict); it is also one of the most successfully and finest running Anime of 2019. Click for More