Streets of Rage 4 Mr. X Nightmare DLC adds three new playable characters

By Morning Picker

Streets of Rage 4’s Mr. X Nightmare premium DLC adds three new playable characters. Estel Aguirre is one of the three new playable characters. Streets of Rage 4 will turn out to be far superior in the not-so-distant future with the dispatch of the Mr. X Nightmare premium DLC, which adds three new playable characters, another game mode, and mor Click for More e customization choices. Mr. X Nightmare incorporates new unique music from Tee Lopes, a writer and arranger recently included in Sonic Mania, League of Legends, and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom among different titles. The Mr. X NightmareDLC is expected out in the not-so-distant future on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Click for More