Snoop Dog gets a shoutout from Bill Cosby from prison after he called for Cosby’s freedom. Read on to know the entire story.

By Morning Picker

Stand-up comedian Bill Cosby thanks rapper Snoop Dogg as he takes Cosby’s stand for calling for freedom as they banged Gayle King for trying to hurt the sentiment of successful black men. Bill Cosby, 81, joined Snoop Dogg in slamming CBS, King and Oprah as they were trying to hurt the image and sentiment of successful Black Men even after their death. The comedian said that the succe Click for More ssful Black Women are being used to ruin the reputation of black male celebrities such as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jackson. Further he wrote that successful women are being used as a medium to hurt the sentiment of successful Black men, even if they are dead. Snoop Dogg responded to the tweet by saying Love you uncle Bill and reposted Cosby’s comments along with a picture of them both. Click for More