Selena Gomez’s ‘Rare’ looks like an overview of her past relationships and Weeknd seems to reflect his pain by being “heartless” in his music!!

By Morning Picker

Selena Gomez’s recent album “Rare” has topped the Billboard charts, which is a head-start. Let’s seeThe album is indirectly indicating towards her tumultuous relationships with ‘The Weeknd’ and ‘Justin Bieber’. It seems the star has learned a lot about love and the feelings associated with it in the year of 2015. Then, In “Cut You Off,” She talks about more of her relationshi Click for More ps with the mentioned stars, and then there are other songs which again claim her triumph over herself. So, Nevertheless, to say that Selena and Weeknd both seem to be failed in relationships where Selena is recovering from the state while Weeknd enjoying it, as his songs were full of being ‘Heartless’ and the official breakup was supposed to be sad, but Weeknd is not somehow. Click for More