Sam Raimi to take Up as a Director of Marvel’s Newest Sequel After Spider-Man 3 Debacle!

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Sam Raimi Accepts To Direct Doctor Strange Sequel After An Awful Reaction To ‘Spider-Man 3’Sam Raimi is in talks of directing ‘Doctor Strange and The Multiverse Of Madness’. And this made Sam Raimi to hesitate to take up the directors chair in Marvel’s movie. Sam Raimi’s Life After ‘Spider-man 3’After S Click for More am Raimi’s Spider Man 3, which fans hated, they never hesitated to tell this to him. Sam Raimi loved Doctor Strange and thought of giving his own touch to the sequel. A Glimpse Of Doctor Strange and The Multiverse Of MadnessAfter Scott Derrickson gave an outstanding screen time on Doctor Strange in 2016. Click for More