Rihanna’s Pixie Cut Is Back!!! And She’s Looking Hella CUTE!!!

By Morning Picker

Rihanna’s 2020 mullet had a decent run, however, it seems the magnate is presently rigorously shaking business in both the front and the back. Rihanna’s Pixie CutThe previous evening, Rihanna was indeed seen in Santa Monica at Giorgio Baldi, a café she can’t quit going to recently. Instead of the long twists, long hair, and long mullet she’s been spinnin Click for More g through the previous few weeks, she has a pristine, super-short pixie cut. Pixie Cut Rihanna is back pic.twitter.com/sCrYDbnrNE — chu (@chuuzus) May 6, 2021Rihanna’s not one to straight-up repeat, so naturally, the 2021 Rihanna Pixie has a few edits and its own vibe. Rihanna is all set to get back to work and record new music post all the breakup drama. Click for More