Review of ‘Zombie Army 4: Dead War’, A Respectable Alternative To Left 4 Dead

By Morning Picker

A few months back Valves announced that there won’t be Left 4 Dead 3 anytime soon, and instead, we got Zombie Army 4 which couldn’t have hoped for better timing. It’s here to follow in those four-player co-op footsteps so that it may feel a little used to overall, but zombie army 4 does achieve to detach itself from the already sizeable group of co-op gauntlet shooters in a few enjoyable ways. For starters, the campaign is enj Click for More oyably strange as occult forces of the Nazi army back from the dead apparently from the literal guts of the underworld. The Co-op mode does a good job of contextualizing why its necessary to move one location to another and it is beyond basic endurance as sometimes you travel through an abandoned zoo or other times, you’re gathering up pieces of a bomb. It is also incredibly fun to kill zombie versions of your friends as well. Click for More