Rejoice, Loki is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lets see how come that happen!!

By Morning Picker

The God of Mischief himself, aka Loki, is coming back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this time with his own series. At the San Diego Comic-Con this year, Marvel and its parent company, Disney, announced a series of upcoming series and movies, which will be part of Disney Plus. Marvel fans are happy and excited to see their favorit Click for More e MCU villain return, but the question on everyone’s mind is how is Loki alive in the post Endgame universe? Let’s recall one of the heartbreaking and critical moments of Avengers Infinity War when Loki is strangled to his death by Thanos. And since this changes the original timeline, fans speculate that Loki survived Thanos and Endgame. Click for More