“Reacting to singer’s Halloween look,” Zoe Kravitz: Beyonce Lisa Bonet costume.

By Morning Picker

Zoë Kravitz had an entertaining response to Beyoncé’s Halloween photograph, which shows the artist spruced up like Lisa Bonet. In another photograph, Beyoncé wears a matching bohemian-style outfit while holding purple orchids, emulating an old school depiction of the A Different World star. Beyoncé gave fans a look at the Lisa Bonet Halloween ensemble she wore a year ago on Friday, and the similarity was uncanny to the point that it even am Click for More azed the Cosby Show entertainer’s genuine little girl Zoë Kravitz. The on-screen character proceeded to post another arrangement of pictures, which demonstrated Beyoncé and Bonet wearing two methods of coordinating outfits — one of which was highlighted in the Halloween ensemble. Even though she did not uncover her Bonet ensemble until right around a year later, last Halloween Beyoncé shared photographs of her other two show-halting get-ups. Click for More