Rapper Tekhashi69 ready to testify against Nine Trey Bloods trail: His decision to testify is not an act of betrayal, but will definitely change many lives!

By Morning Picker

Rapper Tekashi69 will be taking the stand in court to testify against two of the Nine Trey gang members. Tekashi69 is supposed to tell jurors details of the Nine Trey shootings, drug deals, and robberies as a government witness. The Brooklyn rapper Tekashi69 was accused of racketeering and pleaded guilty to the c Click for More harges which have a minimum of 47 years in prison verdict. Tekashi’s legal team shared that his decision to testify is not an act of betrayal and definitely not betraying the Nine Trey Bloods. The trail is one of the final steps in the case against over a dozen Nine Trey gang members who were indicted in November. Click for More