R&B singer Ashanti was Nearly Replaced by Jennifer Lopez by Fat Joe on Their Hit Song ‘What’s Luv?’

By Morning Picker

This took place during Fat Joe’s IG chat with AshantiR&B singer Ashanti came as a guest during hip-hop artist Fat Joe’s Instagram Live Chat and the two discussed about their many collaborations over the years. A big surprise for AshantiAshanti was in for quite the shock when Fat Joe revealed that the song, which had been at the second spot in the Billboard Hot 100 chart almost feature Click for More d Jennifer Lopez instead of her on the final version. Fat Joe revealed that he had argued with them for her to stay on the track and that there’s no way that she will be replaced. We also owe Fat Joe big time for sticking with Ashanti and defending her talent. It would definitely have been interesting to see how the whole thing would’ve turned out if they had gone with Jennifer Lopez. Click for More