One of Marvel’s heroes just got a symbiote, and that is terrible news for Carnage!

By Morning Picker

If you are an Absolute Carnage comic fan, you have been following the latest installments of the dynamics between Eddie Brock and Venom symbiote and see how they seem have entered a bad phase. Then the symbiote got its mind back and was reunited with Eddie only to end up in the current Absolute Carnage arc. However, if you have not read till here, the Click for More following contains spoilers for Absolute Carnage #3. The Venom symbiote feels responsible for the Carnage and feels justified to use deadly force to shut down Carnage’s army. Moreover, all these differences and increasing differences lead Venom symbiote to leave Eddie at the end of Absolute Carnage #3 for a stronger person, none other than Bruce Banner. Click for More