Micheal Mann’s ‘HEAT’ Novel to be Published by Harper Collins on Aug 9

By Morning Picker

Publishing Micheal Mann’s prequel and sequel of ‘Heat’ on Aug 9August 9 is set to publish Micheal Mann’s combined prequel and sequel to his landmark 1995 crime film “Heat” by Harper Collins. Micheal Mann’s dream came trueAccording to Deadline, Mann’s had a long concealed intention to the further stories of Heat. The novel is Mann’s first novel and also from Click for More his imprint ‘Michael Mann Books’. Tour of the NovelThe journey in Novel starts from the point when wounded Chris Shiherlis (played by Val Kilmer in the original film) desperate to escape L.A. as shown in the crime film ‘Heat’. The novel takes back to the back life stories and background of every prominent characters while revealing hurtful pasts and reasons. Click for More