Meghan Markle to Receive Front-Page Apology From U.K. Tabloid for Printing Part of Private Letter to Her Dad!!!

By Morning Picker

Meghan Markle is to get a first-page statement of regret from Associated Newspapers for printing portions of a private letter she shipped off her dad, Thomas Markle. In lawful papers delivered Friday, Judge Mark Warby requested Associated to distribute the first-page expression of remorse in the Mail on Sunday. “The Duchess of Sussex wins her lawful body of evidence for copyright encroachment against Click for More Associated Newspapers for articles distributed in The Mail on Sunday and posted on Mail Online. Meghan was additionally granted an underlying “between time installment” of $625,000 in legitimate expenses over the security and copyright encroachment components of her case. A further hearing to evaluate the amount Meghan will get for “abuse of (her) private data” will occur in late April or early May. Click for More