Meet your favorite Disney characters at lower prices!: Disney World sells cheaper tickets than ever before, but there is a catch. Find out!

By Morning Picker

Walt Disney a dreamland full of dreams coming true for those whole believe all the fairytales to be real. Tickets for Disneyland are quite expensive and which is the reason why many could not visit the magical place of their dreams. However, to solve that problem, Disney has come up with cheaper rates to welcome more and more visitors. The prices are:Two-day ticket from $88 a da Click for More y, plus tax (from $176 total, plus tax)Three-day ticket from $84 a day, plus tax (from $252 total, plus tax)Four-day ticket from $79 a day, plus tax (from $316 total, plus tax)Along with it, there is a condition that there is a deadline after the use of the first ticket. The three-day ticket expires five days from the start date, and the four-day ticket expires after seven days. Click for More