Kathie Lee Gifford Makes Some Surprising Revelations In Her Newest Memoir, It’s Never Too Late!

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Kathie Lee Gifford Is making some interesting revelations in her new memoir that is already creating a buzz amongst fans and this memoir will reveal facts that were never heard before. Kathie Lee Gifford Recalls An Emotional Incident In Her MemoirKathie Lee Gifford has recently shared some never heard before facts about Michael Kennedy’s death, and how she helped comfort his mother, Ethel Kennedy after this great loss. 👋🏻 https://t.co/SXduCIVgjb Click for More pic.twitter.com/wxxjpuY6I2 — Kathie Lee Gifford (@KathieLGifford) November 28, 2020The Memoir Is Making Some Interesting Revelations! Kathie Lee Gifford goes on to say that she wishes she could erase the memory. https://t.co/07bRUdRVUM pic.twitter.com/Zp27z8mh1R — Kathie Lee Gifford (@KathieLGifford) December 1, 2020The memoir is indeed an Internet easing read as it goes on to make quite a few extremely personal revelations from the author’s life. Click for More