Johnny Depp and ex Amber Heard are in UK for the controversial case against The Sun! Check it out.

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He blamed Ms Heard for “building a dossier” against him after the court heard she composed an email portraying him as a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde character. Mr Depp, 57, is suing the distributer of the Sun paper over an article that alluded to him as a “tank top”. It had alluded to “overpowering proof” that Mr Depp assa Click for More ulted Ms Heard, 34, during their relationship – which he exhaustingly denies. Mr Depp answered: “I don’t remember any discussion.”Ms Wass said the entertainer at that point smacked his ex over the face, an aggregate of multiple times. He said she hadn’t brought it down it however denied charges put to him by Ms Wass. Click for More