Jillian Michaels defends her previous criticism regarding Lizzo’s weight and says people should make their health a priority

By Morning Picker

Jillian Michaels was embroiled in quarrel Wednesday over words she made about the singer Lizzo’s body. pic.twitter.com/FkKBd8J87b — AM2DM by BuzzFeed News (@AM2DM) January 8, 2020She then whirled to speaking about Lizzo’s weight and how she senses it’s imperiling her health. ‘Cause it isn’t gonna be dream Click for More ful if she gets diabetes – I’m just being genuine. ‘I don’t literally give two s***s about Jillian Michaels,’ one user draft, ‘but we laud Lizzo cause Lizzo meanly praises Lizzo and buoys everyone to honor themselves. Jillian Michaels came to prominence torturing fat people on television for entertainment. Click for More