Jeff Goldblum is set to premiere his “The World According to Jeff Goldblum”. ‘No mansplaining’- assured by Jeff.

By Morning Picker

In NatGeo’s show ‘The World According to Jeff Goldblum,’ the leading star Jeff Goldblum claimed that he would not mansplain this time. The short film ‘Little Surprises’ under his direction, was nominated for the ‘Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.’In his new featured show, the title, “The World According to Jeff Gold Click for More blum,” itself portrays an inherent quality of mansplaining. According to Jeff, it is quite misleading. The series will span over 12 episodes and will be streamed on Disney+ from November 12. In the trailer of “The World According Jeff Goldblum,” the actor was seen saying, “I am not here to be didactic or professorial in any way. Click for More